Jan 07

NM#002 – DNB


To begin the new year, Notation brings it hard with some darker Drum & Bass smashers. Don’t sleep on this one!

1. Chaos Theory (Drumstep Mix) – ShockOne – Viper Recordings
2. Nuclear (Hands Up) – Zomboy – Never Say Die
3. City 17 – Joe Ford – Bad Taste Recordings
4. Struggle & Pain – Mefjus, M-Force, Maksim – Breed 12 Inches
5. 800 Pound Gorilla – Receptor, Neonlight – Lifted Music
6. Tear Down – Benny Page – High Culture
7. Connected (McMash Clan Remix) – John B, Kirsty Hawkshaw – Beta Recordings
8. Send Dem – Serial Killaz – Titan Records
9. Daylight (Drumstep Mix) – Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Hadouken – New State Music
10. Direction – Wilkinson – RAM Records
11. Stardust – Mindscape – Commercial Suicide
12. Skank – Calyx, Teebee – RAM Records
13. Understand – Optiv, BTK, Sam Wills – Shogun Audio
14. Virgo Cluster – Smooth – Viper Recordings
15. Crowd Control (Delta Heavy Remix) – Excision, Downlink – Rottun Recordings
16. Deconstrukt (Kezwik Remix) – Calvertron, Messinian – Jack Knife Records

Dec 12

NM#001 – DNB


Notation starts it off with a bang; the very first episode featuring some of the latest dancefloor and liquid Drum’n’Bass tracks that are certain to get you groovin’.

1. Out The Blue (Club Mix) – Sub Focus – RAM Records
2. So Cruel – Mediks ft. Georgina Upton – Audioporn
3. Dramaz – Total Science – Clear Skyz
4. Icarus (Fred V & Grafix Remix) – Madeon – popcultur
5. Look Inside (Nu:Tone Remix) – 4Hero – Raw Canvas Records
6. Untitled – Notation – Dub
7. Thunder (Tantrum Desire Remix) – Rusko – Mad Decent
8. Past Lives (Lenzman Remix) – Total Science – CIA Recordings
9. Need To Know – Wilkinson ft. Iman – RAM Records
10. By A Thread – Mediks ft. Georgina Upton – Audioporn
11. LoveLine – Brookes Brothers ft. Haz-Mat – Breakbeat Kaos
12. Rollerball – Lung – Hospital Records
13. Runnin – Enei ft. Georgia Yates – Critical Music
14. Monochromatic World – Notation – Dub
15. Melting Point VIP – Slogun & iOh – FREE (on their Facebook page)

Dec 12


It’s almost 2013 and it is about time I create a podcast; the technology has only been around for 7 years. So, I’m proud to announce a BRAND SPANKING NEW podcast, featuring myself doing monthly, half-hour long mixes, each episode showcasing entire genres of musical goodness.

The first month will include a DNB mix, primarily of dancefloor and liquid styles. I hope to have this up as early as next week on this website, as well as iTunes (for all you iPhone/iPod/iPad people).

I plan on compressing the mp3 file at around 192kbps to save space while maintaining somewhat decent audio quality. If the needs of the masses require a larger quality or smaller quality file, I will take that into account if someone notifies me, but for now it’ll be half way between 128kbps and a 320kbps mp3.

After a few months, I hope to have some special guests on to present some of their work as well as others. So if you are interested, please contact me at info@notationrecordings.com


– Notation

Nov 21

Brand New Website!

Hey Everybody,

I’m glad you made it to the new website. Feel free to look around with the stuff thats currently up. More stuff to come!

– Notation