NM#002 – DNB


To begin the new year, Notation brings it hard with some darker Drum & Bass smashers. Don’t sleep on this one!

1. Chaos Theory (Drumstep Mix) – ShockOne – Viper Recordings
2. Nuclear (Hands Up) – Zomboy – Never Say Die
3. City 17 – Joe Ford – Bad Taste Recordings
4. Struggle & Pain – Mefjus, M-Force, Maksim – Breed 12 Inches
5. 800 Pound Gorilla – Receptor, Neonlight – Lifted Music
6. Tear Down – Benny Page – High Culture
7. Connected (McMash Clan Remix) – John B, Kirsty Hawkshaw – Beta Recordings
8. Send Dem – Serial Killaz – Titan Records
9. Daylight (Drumstep Mix) – Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Hadouken – New State Music
10. Direction – Wilkinson – RAM Records
11. Stardust – Mindscape – Commercial Suicide
12. Skank – Calyx, Teebee – RAM Records
13. Understand – Optiv, BTK, Sam Wills – Shogun Audio
14. Virgo Cluster – Smooth – Viper Recordings
15. Crowd Control (Delta Heavy Remix) – Excision, Downlink – Rottun Recordings
16. Deconstrukt (Kezwik Remix) – Calvertron, Messinian – Jack Knife Records

NM#001 – DNB


Notation starts it off with a bang; the very first episode featuring some of the latest dancefloor and liquid Drum’n’Bass tracks that are certain to get you groovin’.

1. Out The Blue (Club Mix) – Sub Focus – RAM Records
2. So Cruel – Mediks ft. Georgina Upton – Audioporn
3. Dramaz – Total Science – Clear Skyz
4. Icarus (Fred V & Grafix Remix) – Madeon – popcultur
5. Look Inside (Nu:Tone Remix) – 4Hero – Raw Canvas Records
6. Untitled – Notation – Dub
7. Thunder (Tantrum Desire Remix) – Rusko – Mad Decent
8. Past Lives (Lenzman Remix) – Total Science – CIA Recordings
9. Need To Know – Wilkinson ft. Iman – RAM Records
10. By A Thread – Mediks ft. Georgina Upton – Audioporn
11. LoveLine – Brookes Brothers ft. Haz-Mat – Breakbeat Kaos
12. Rollerball – Lung – Hospital Records
13. Runnin – Enei ft. Georgia Yates – Critical Music
14. Monochromatic World – Notation – Dub
15. Melting Point VIP – Slogun & iOh – FREE (on their Facebook page)


It’s almost 2013 and it is about time I create a podcast; the technology has only been around for 7 years. So, I’m proud to announce a BRAND SPANKING NEW podcast, featuring myself doing monthly, half-hour long mixes, each episode showcasing entire genres of musical goodness.

The first month will include a DNB mix, primarily of dancefloor and liquid styles. I hope to have this up as early as next week on this website, as well as iTunes (for all you iPhone/iPod/iPad people).

I plan on compressing the mp3 file at around 192kbps to save space while maintaining somewhat decent audio quality. If the needs of the masses require a larger quality or smaller quality file, I will take that into account if someone notifies me, but for now it’ll be half way between 128kbps and a 320kbps mp3.

After a few months, I hope to have some special guests on to present some of their work as well as others. So if you are interested, please contact me at info@notationrecordings.com


– Notation

Brand New Website!

Hey Everybody,

I’m glad you made it to the new website. Feel free to look around with the stuff thats currently up. More stuff to come!

– Notation